1. GIFTPAR has a Privacy Policy regarding the collection and use of all the data that users and providers keep on the website, as well as any application or platform that makes use of this system. Of course, it is established that the user and provider have full access to it and expressly agree with it. If the user or provider does not agree with its devices, it shall proceed as specified therein.

2. GIFTPAR will not provide user information to third parties without his prior approval, except when necessary to respond to requests or questions from government agencies, or in cases where, in good faith, GIFTPAR understands that disclosure is necessary in order to respond to claims that the presented content violates the rights of others, so it is necessary to protect the rights, property and/or safety of the platform supplying the GIFTPAR Services, the users and/or the general public.

3. GIFTPAR may, at its discretion, make use of the information stored in their databases, according to the above, for a reasonable period, not exceeding legal requirements or limitations, to resolve any conflict, solve problems and ensure the rights of GIFTPAR.

4. GIFTPAR shall also, at its discretion, examine the information stored in their databases in order to identify users with multiple identities or pseudonyms for legal and/or safety.

4.1 Otherwise, if GIFTPAR were required by law, court order or other legal process to disclose any personal user information, it will not hesitate to cooperate with these agents. Thus, through this instrument, the user authorizes GIFTPAR to disclose this personal information to fulfill the purposes stated above.

5. The information provided by the user and duly registered for use of the system (except for the content of personal messages) will serve as input for mapping market information and the elaboration of statistics for GIFTPAR. Through registration, use and provision of information to GIFTPAR, the user knowingly accepts these Terms and Privacy Policy on the use of his information.

6. Part of the essential information from users for the use of tools and systems offered by GIFTPAR will be provided to its partners. Therefore, the user, by recording his data, agrees to these terms to be benefited with the GIFTPAR tools.

7. Once registered, the user can receive electronic messages from GIFTPAR with any information about the site and its services. The user’s email will not be disclosed to third parties.

8. GIFTPAR may disclose links to third party websites; However, no user registration information will be shared. GIFTPAR is not responsible for the privacy policies of external sites.

9. Additional information gathered by GIFTPAR by analyzing each user’s navigation and that does not make him personally identifiable is the exclusive property of GIFTPAR, which can use this information in any way it deems appropriate.

9.1 The information provided will be used for: (i) managing the user’s account to increasingly customize services provided by GIFTPAR; and (ii) communicating news and updates.

10. Users who do not agree with these Terms and proceed to the cancellation of their registration will delete their data for future reference, but this removal will not work retroactively, ie, actions prior to this decision will continue to be stored and used according to the interests of GIFTPAR.

10.1 In this sense, to cancel his registration in the GIFTPAR Services platform, the user must provide written notice to GIFTPAR through any media channels available on this site.

11. The use of any device, software or any other element that may interfere with the activities and operations of this site as well as in accounts or databases is not allowed. Any interference, attempt or activity that violates or contravenes the laws of intellectual property rights and/or the prohibitions set forth in these Terms will make whoever is responsible liable for the appropriate legal action as well as the penalties set forth herein, including being responsible for compensation for any damage caused.

12. Without prejudice to other measures, GIFTPAR may warn, suspend or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, a user’s account at any time, and initiate the appropriate legal action if: (a) the user fails to comply with any provision of these Terms; (b) he practices fraudulent or malicious acts; (c) If the user’s identity could not be verified or if any information provided by him is incorrect; (d) If GIFTPAR understands that the activities and attitudes of the user have caused any damage to third parties or to GIFTPAR itself or has the ability to do so, GIFTPAR reserves the right to, at any time and at its sole discretion, to request the reception of personal documents.